Kitchen Design Remodels

Do you need an expert kitchen remodeling contractor to remodel your kitchen?

The kitchen is maybe the social focal point for most homes, especially for families with large kitchen breakfast eating areas that also are part of the larger family living areas and dens.   Open design kitchens are wonderful additions to older homes since most new house construction has these large family living great rooms or play rooms with attached kitchens and breakfast or informal dining areas.

If you’re ready for a new kitchen design and need some custom ideas, let Commonwealth Heating  & Remodeling of Monroeville, PA serving Pittsburgh and all Allegheny County Pennsylvania with over 75+ years of trusted experience remodel your older kitchen or give your newer kitchens a make over.  Or do you need to update your dull white cabinetry by refinishing your cabinets, installing new cabnet hardware on doors or cabinet fixtures and cabnets refacing.  Commonwealth is a specialist in bath and kitchen remodels.  Call us at 412-243-4200.

Maybe you just need a quick update and fixes for one or all of the following kitchen remodeling projects:

  • kitchen island / islands
  • kitchen sinks or faucets
  • kitchen backsplashes / backsplash
  • kitchen tile / tiles and flooring
  • kitchen counters and counter tops
  • kitchen wallpaper and paint
  • kitchen lighting and fixtures

Kitchen Design Ideas

  1. country kitchen
  2. small kitchen
  3. outdoor kitchen
  4. small kitchen / compact / kitchenettes
  5. larger and modern kitchen appliances
  6. italian kitchens

Adding a new kitchen bar or a small island will spice up any old kitchen décor with a quick paint job removing the old wallpaper screaming 1970s Saturday Night Fever.  Although you probably loved your mother’s yellow lemon kitchen decorations, I am sure she would be happy if she upgraded to a modern kitchen with new appliances, stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, over and counters.  Think about adding some new paint, custom crown molding, new kitchen door and planter window to look outside while doing dishes.

So what will your new kitchen design and plan be?  Colors?  Have you been saving your favorite kitchen photos to help plan your new modern kitchen.  Or are you thinking retro kitchen?  Do you have a big budget or you going for a cheap kitchen remodel?  Have you thought about kitchen storage and pantries?   There’s never enough counter space or storage.  Do you need to accommodate kitchen furniture or equipment?

Whatever your kitchen remodeling need, let Commonwealth Heating and Remodeling help you plan your new kitchen design.  Contact us today at 412-243-4200 or use the quick connect web email form on the right.


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