Home Renovations do pay off, if done Right

Are you planning a major home renovation?  If you are you might find a good pay back on your remodeling project.  Mike Holmes in his new book Make it Right discusses some of the top projects and how to plan for your home improvement project.  We can also help you to at Commonwealth Heating and Remodeling serving the Pittsburgh, PA and Allegheny County neighborhoods.  Give us a call at 412-243-4200 or email us by using the form on the right menu.

Renovations can seem expensive, but they pay off in the long run. Check with your local real estate agent; chances are you’ll find that a midrange kitchen remodel will earn back about 72% of the money you spent on it. And a mid-range bathroom remodel will get you back about 71%. It’s the same with other renovations: an addition, if it is a family room, will make you back about 62% of its cost, and a finished basement will earn back about 70%. These are good financial arguments for fixing up your home.  Mike Holmes  via ‘Make it Right’: Get home renovations right the first time – books – TODAY.com.

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