Future Home Design

As the nation is becoming more green and frugal, people expect more than just a well designed home and appliances.

“Over the last five years, design has been elevated,” says Michelle Lamb, editorial director of The Trend Curve, a trade newsletter that forecasts trends in color, pattern and design for manufacturers, interior designers and retailers. “Good design is an expectation, so we can go below the surface. There’s an option to a lot of things that we weren’t looking to in the past.”

Function over Design expectations

  1. Better and more accessible Storage
  2. Green / Water Saving Features
  3. Energy Efficient Kitchen Appliances
  4. Organization Systems
  5. Electronic Sensing Integrated Systems
  6. Smart Home Systems
  7. Baby Boomer Ease Products & Appliances

via A peek into the future of home design – KansasCity.com.

You dont have to buy a new home to get some of these cool new home design features.  If its time for a kitchen remodel or a home improvement project and you are in the Pittsburgh / Allegheny Country metro areas, please give Commonwealth Remodeling and Heating a call at 412-243-4200.  We’ve been in business over 70 years and are experts in home improvement projects and heating.


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