Reflective Roofing Saves Money & Keeps It Cooler

Thinking about upgrading or replacing your roof?  Want to go green and help the environment?  Then think about Reflective Roofing.

Reflective Roofing – Dark coloured roofing or outside walls can attract the thermal heat from the sun. Painting your roof or walls a light colour or installing reflective strips can deflect heat from your house and keep things much cooler inside.   Read more via Break the Heat Wave at Home and Not Your Bank Account.

If you are in the Pittsburgh PA and Allegheny County areas and need a roofing contractor, please give Commonwealth Heating and Remodeling a call at 412-243-4200 or email us using the form on the right.  In addition to roofing, we also specialize in heating, and bathroom and kitchen remodeling.

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Home Renovations do pay off, if done Right

Are you planning a major home renovation?  If you are you might find a good pay back on your remodeling project.  Mike Holmes in his new book Make it Right discusses some of the top projects and how to plan for your home improvement project.  We can also help you to at Commonwealth Heating and Remodeling serving the Pittsburgh, PA and Allegheny County neighborhoods.  Give us a call at 412-243-4200 or email us by using the form on the right menu.

Renovations can seem expensive, but they pay off in the long run. Check with your local real estate agent; chances are you’ll find that a midrange kitchen remodel will earn back about 72% of the money you spent on it. And a mid-range bathroom remodel will get you back about 71%. It’s the same with other renovations: an addition, if it is a family room, will make you back about 62% of its cost, and a finished basement will earn back about 70%. These are good financial arguments for fixing up your home.  Mike Holmes  via ‘Make it Right’: Get home renovations right the first time – books –

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Heat with oil or gas? No easy answer

This is a great article on Heating your home with oil or gas from the Providence Journal.

What are the benefits of gas compared to oil and, how will switching to gas save me money outside of buying a high efficient furnace being either gas or oil?

find the answers here via Heat with oil or gas? No easy answer | Home | | The Providence Journal.

If you have any questions with heating repairs, please feel free to contact us at -412-243-4200  or fill out the email form on the right.

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Three Simple Steps to a Leak-free Roof

We agree with Steve Maxwell’s Three simple steps to a leak free roof.  If you are not ready to tackle your roofing project, then let Commonwealth Heating and Remodeling help you with your roofing repairs.  Call us at 412-243-4200 or fill out the email form on the right.

Fifty years of leak-free service is an attainable goal for asphalt shingles, and there are three things that make it happen:

  1. Choosing the best shingles
  2. Ensuring effective roof ventilation
  3. Using a durable underlay system

says Steve Maxwell, syndicated home improvement and woodworking columnist, has shared his DIY tips, howto videos and product reviews since 1988. Follow him at, on Facebook or @Maxwells_Tips on Twitter. For Steve’s full article read it here via Take these simple steps to a leak-free roof.

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Ugliest Roof Contest & Win a New Roof

Now this looks interesting…. especially if you need a new roof or some major roof repairs.  You may just win a new roof for your home.  What a great way to save on a major home improvement project.

GAF, North America’s largest roofing and ventilation manufacturer, and the Lifetime Network’s Designing Spaces show are co-sponsoring the “Ugly Roof Makeover” contest, “A tribute to the great American homeowner.” To enter the contest, between July 8 and August 12, 2011, current homeowners who are 18 years of age or older and are legal residents of the 50 United States and District of Columbia can upload photos of their ugly roofs along with a short story on why they need a new roof at

Read more about the contest here at GAF and Designing Spaces Team Up for Ugliest Roof Contest.

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Value-priced Kitchen Upgrades

In today’s budget tight environment, everyone is looking to save a few dollars.  If you are not ready for a full blown kitchen remodeling project, then check out the Consumer Reports article on economical kitchen upgrades.

Consumer Reports’ latest tests yields a tantalizing menu of value-priced kitchen upgrades that cost as little as $1,000.  read the full article via Five dirt-cheap kitchen upgrades that pay – Yahoo! Shopping.

But if you are ready for some professional remodeling help, be sure to give Commonwealth Heating and Remodeling a call at 412-243-4200 or email us using the form on the right.  We are specialists in bathroom and kitchen remodeling projects.

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Is it Time to Remodel your Bathroom?

Is it time to remodel your bathroom?  Well, if you are reading this article about remodeling your bath then you are probably ready to start the bathroom remodeling process which begins by developing bathroom design ideas that you would like to incorporate in this home improvement project.

So this first sign that its time to remodel your bathroom is when you are unhappy with your current bathroom and start searching the Web for information on how to remodel your bathroom.  So the issue becomes how are unhappy are you and can you do a few simple Do it Yourself touches to spruce it up before calling a professional bathroom remodeling contractor like Commonwealth Heating & Remodeling in Monroeville Pa serving all of Allegheny County / Pittsburgh neighborhoods.

Here’s a few simple Do it Yourself Bathroom Upgrades

  • Painting a Wall or Walls
  • New Wallpaper
  • Border Treatments
  • New Light Fixtures

Another reason to upgrade your bathroom would be age of bath fixtures like the sink, tub, shower and toilet.  Maybe these items are leaking or broken or just plain 1960′s funky.  All of these reasons could mean remodeling your bathroom would improve the possible safety, health issues and water waste associated with these old bath fixtures.  Of course replacing these items will increase the cost of your bathroom renovation project and probably mean you should call a professional bathroom remodeling contractor.

You may also need more space in your bathroom.  Sometimes you just need more space and since the bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the house, its time to splurge and tear down a wall and add the jetted tub or double walk in shower that you have always wanted.  Well, you deserve it and it beats buying a new house.

And lastly, maybe you are trying to sell your house and the guest bathroom needs a upgrade to give a great first impression.  Worn out bathrooms are never a good selling point.

Whatever your reasons for your bathroom remodeling project, let Commonwealth Heating and Remodeling help you with your bath remodel.  Give us a call at 412-243-4200 or email us using the quick connect form on the right.


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Kitchen Remodeling Pictures

dining room remodel before and after pictures

Dining Room Remodel Before and After

Here is a series of pictures from one of our Kitchen Remodeling Projects.

1    2    3    4    5    6    7   8

We tore down a wall or two along with an old chimney to open up the kitchen into a small dining area with a built in desk with more available living and work space.

We added a new doorway, walls, desk, new kitchen cabinets, counters, sink, window, tile flooring, paint and doors.

new kitchen counters, floors, cabinets remodeling

Great Looking Kitchen

Let Commonwealth Heating and Remodeling help you with your new custom kitchen remodeling project.  We are specialists in kitchen and bath remodel projects in the Pittsburgh / Allegheny PA neighborhoods.  We’ve been in business over 75 years.  Contact us today at 412-243-4200 and let us help you make your dream kitchen a reality.


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Do-it-Yourself Projects That Lead to the Most ER Visits

No reason to hurt yourself let our trusted professionals help you while you relax.  Contact us for your home improvement projects 412-243-4200.

As the economy continues to bump along many homeowners are taking their lumps as they attempt to make home repairs they would normally hire someone else to do. This year 43 million homeowners will take on 57 million home improvement projects. Of those intrepid folks, one in five will be injured, according to the Home Safety Council.

via Do-it-Yourself Projects That Lead to the Most ER Visits.

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Kitchen Design Remodels

Do you need an expert kitchen remodeling contractor to remodel your kitchen?

The kitchen is maybe the social focal point for most homes, especially for families with large kitchen breakfast eating areas that also are part of the larger family living areas and dens.   Open design kitchens are wonderful additions to older homes since most new house construction has these large family living great rooms or play rooms with attached kitchens and breakfast or informal dining areas.

If you’re ready for a new kitchen design and need some custom ideas, let Commonwealth Heating  & Remodeling of Monroeville, PA serving Pittsburgh and all Allegheny County Pennsylvania with over 75+ years of trusted experience remodel your older kitchen or give your newer kitchens a make over.  Or do you need to update your dull white cabinetry by refinishing your cabinets, installing new cabnet hardware on doors or cabinet fixtures and cabnets refacing.  Commonwealth is a specialist in bath and kitchen remodels.  Call us at 412-243-4200.

Maybe you just need a quick update and fixes for one or all of the following kitchen remodeling projects:

  • kitchen island / islands
  • kitchen sinks or faucets
  • kitchen backsplashes / backsplash
  • kitchen tile / tiles and flooring
  • kitchen counters and counter tops
  • kitchen wallpaper and paint
  • kitchen lighting and fixtures

Kitchen Design Ideas

  1. country kitchen
  2. small kitchen
  3. outdoor kitchen
  4. small kitchen / compact / kitchenettes
  5. larger and modern kitchen appliances
  6. italian kitchens

Adding a new kitchen bar or a small island will spice up any old kitchen décor with a quick paint job removing the old wallpaper screaming 1970s Saturday Night Fever.  Although you probably loved your mother’s yellow lemon kitchen decorations, I am sure she would be happy if she upgraded to a modern kitchen with new appliances, stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, over and counters.  Think about adding some new paint, custom crown molding, new kitchen door and planter window to look outside while doing dishes.

So what will your new kitchen design and plan be?  Colors?  Have you been saving your favorite kitchen photos to help plan your new modern kitchen.  Or are you thinking retro kitchen?  Do you have a big budget or you going for a cheap kitchen remodel?  Have you thought about kitchen storage and pantries?   There’s never enough counter space or storage.  Do you need to accommodate kitchen furniture or equipment?

Whatever your kitchen remodeling need, let Commonwealth Heating and Remodeling help you plan your new kitchen design.  Contact us today at 412-243-4200 or use the quick connect web email form on the right.


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